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Derived from Eye Candy ( a guy who is good for nothing else but is extremely attractive so is a lot of fun to just stare at.)

Life Candy is when a guy not only is incredibly attractive to the point where any girl would jump him if only they were asked, he is also charming, very intelligent and an altogether nice person.

The only problem with someone who is referred to as Life Candy is that they generally know that this is what they are and therefore have incredibly high standards.

They also usually have a high number of bimbo followers who make it even harder to get their attention.

Synonyms: Prince-Charming, Perfection
Antonyms: Douche-bags, Assholes, Ugly People, People who cannot spell.
an Example of Life Candy is Prince Charming from every Fairy Tale girls were read as children.
by annabellerain April 06, 2011
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