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A nasty ass bitch with one eye squinting Example - 0 A lieing cheating lopsided titie have biotch
Fuck u lidia take ur lil bowling alley bitch and ur nasty fish taco ass back to the poor house where u came from u poor lil spic

enjoy licking those food stamps ..... biotch
by shea flynn April 02, 2005
54 211
-attractive in a graceful or delicate way
-Characterized by sharp quick thought; bright
Lang Lui (Pretty GurL)
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
265 63
usualy half mexican, with big boobs and makes all the boys stare when she walks down the street. spends her time listening to EMOTIONAL music, and waiting for the boy of her dreams.
Lidia is the greatest half mexicna ever. I wish she'd rub her big boobies in my face.
by NIKKI December 31, 2004
212 124
-Lidia is Hot with a rocking body.

-Lidia is the most caring and incredible person in the world.

-She knows how to party and to have a good time.

-If you have a Lidia never let her go.
Lidia is amazing
by The Dangerous One69 August 07, 2012
93 21
1. Unusual yet creative specimen, usually of Mexican or Polish descent
2. One who enjoys lying on floor covered with Smartfood Popcorn
3. Uncontrollable appetite
While trying to hijack the moving train, Lidia threw a perogie at the conductor and ran off with the booty.
by ~Lidia~ January 19, 2009
115 77
Hey that is my name, too (but i am neither mexican or ukranian- i am bulgarian)
Hey i am Lidia amd i am supercool!
by LidiaBG16 March 06, 2005
81 88
hey, that's my name! (but i'm not mexican -- i'm ukrainian)
hey, my name is lidia...
by can u guess it? February 22, 2005
53 90
Usually meaning females name known 2 be amazing and cool, although sometimes has lizard features
Lidias ginger and eats lizards
by moi June 21, 2004
47 108