Lida is known to maleste little children. Known to be a "pedafile". Is shorter than pritul. Only has one boob she is a cycloboob. Her nicknames include Cher, Dave, and Ugly.
Lida stop watching ur eskimo porn and trying to learn how to use a dildo!
by ULL NVR NO! February 11, 2005
Top Definition
pronounced lee-dah, origins from the name lydia
coolest, funniest and prettiest girl that exists.
all in all; she is AWESOME
boy: hey there, just wanted to let you know your so lida,
girl: *blushes* oh thankyou !
by day26_ April 16, 2009
Unique girl, with soul of a hurricane and appiriance of an ocean, when I look at her I wish to be forever, if I talk to her I feel the huricane in my heart... I feel something I'd never felt before...
Lide obi4am te!!! Surceto mi za tebe bie, dushata mi pepel, ot o4ite mi sulzi poti4at s nadejdata do teb da stignat...
by IvoAnev April 28, 2005
An extreamly hot skater girl who plays guitar, writes music, is talkative, funny, and a great friend.
I wish I was a Lida!
by Sammantha November 01, 2004
Pronounced Lie-Duh:
The meanest and dumbest piece of trailer trash to ever slither on the Earth; A skank whose name could not be more appropriate because every thing she says is a lie; A "woman" whose sole purpose in life is to cause drama, pain and misery; One who thinks she is beautiful but has been mistaken for an ugly man; A Harpy bitch; Evil incarnate.
My ex is a total Lida. She called my new GF and told her we was still screwin'. I hate that bitch."
by SecretAdmirer111 August 09, 2010
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