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a.) the best Beastie Boys album ever.
b.) a licence to be The Shit. the Beastie Boys had such a licence while making said CD, thus it's awesomeness.

plus the album has 13 songs, so that just makes it that much more awesome.
1.) Rhymin' & Stealin'
2.) The New Style
3.) She's Crafty
4.) Posse in Effect
5.) Slow Ride
6.) Girls
7.) Fight for Your Right
8.) No Sleep Till Brooklyn
9.) Paul Revere
10.) Hold it Now, Hit it
11.) Brass Monkey
12.) Slow and Low
13.) Time to Get Ill
by boom boom b August 26, 2004
The greatest Beastie Boys album ever made, it has some of the dopest beats dropped of all time. This album has been very influential since its debut in '86. With tracks like, Girls, Paul Revere, No Sleep Till Brooklyn, and, of course, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT (to party), this album is, well, ill.
"What time is it? Time to get ill!" is a line from the song Time to Get Ill off the Licensed to Ill album.
by illmister May 25, 2007
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