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Licensed Public Accountant (LPA) - an individual admitted to practice public accounting by their state board of Accountancy. LPA's pass an exam as prescribed by the state board, having acquired an associates or bachelor's degree, and have some experience in public accounting. In some states, LPAs have the same practice rights as CPAs - including licensure to perform attestation (audit and review) engagements. Alternatively, LPAs are also known by the Registered Public Accountant (RPA) or Public Accountant (PA) monikers.
1. I caught up with Dillon at the board-sponsored CPE event; he's a Licensed Public Accountant.
2. Did you know that some LPA's have authority to perform public audits?
3. In certain states, LPAs have the same practice rights as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).
by Aijalon June 07, 2013
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