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One of the most amazing people in this world.
She is so easy to get along with and she will never turn her back on you.
Like her name, she's is very unique. This is one of her best qualities.
She is a very odd person, but that's what makes her so wonderful (:
She has amazing hair and big beautiful brown eyes that draw in all the men.
And she may have her problems, but she manages to pull through it all to show you how strong of a person she is.
Plus she gives an excellent blow job, which gave her the nickname "Pro-Job-Blow-Job"

I love you Licely M.C.!
Boy1-"Dude, that girl is sooo weird but she's totally hot!"

Boy2-"I know, she's a total licely."
by DryYourrTearsz April 09, 2011