Libtard (n). Combination of liberal and retard

One of liberal politcal persuasion who wastes their entire lives bitching about president Bush/conservatives/Christianity, or hunting for an opportunity to do so. Often very loud, uninformed, and annoying. Makes the Democratic Party look bad. Usually found on college campuses.

The opposite of conservatard.
Dude, my professor is such a libtard. I mean, what does calculus have to do with the president?
by Korban Dallas August 24, 2006
(noun) a person who believes liberalism will advance society to utopia; one who doesn't examine the facts or use rational thought when arguing for liberal policies
The Focus on Diversity group was started by a libtard who wanted to increase the number of children of indigent families enrolled in the private school.
by KS Conservative February 04, 2010
A person who has no opinion for their selves and will follow ideas with out any real logic. They usually believe in taking peoples money away that they worked for, and redistributing it to bums and minorities who dont want to work. Extremely hypocritical and selfish to the needs of honest people. Believes in nothing more than to destroy the American Constitution and will stop at nothing to make socialistic and communistic laws implemented into our society. A cross between a liberal, and a retard.
Damn, that nancy pelowsi. What a libtard.

obama is Communist, but firstly a libtard.
by Friedolays January 24, 2010
A person who wants to reform the way life is to the way they want life to be but lacking cognitive reasoning and not understanding that what they want is no good for them or others they live with.
A Libtard wants America to drop its immigration laws and allow anybody who wishes to come to America to live to come freely. What the Libtard doesn't understand is that the reason we have immigration laws is to control population growth as to protect the integrity of our economy.

A Libtard wants the wealth of the rich to be distributed to those less fortunate. What the Libtard doesn't understand is that the wealth of the rich was earned by those individuals and the Libtards wouldn't like it if they became wealthy earning their wealth only to have somebody come and take it from them and give it away to others.
by FaceofConservatism August 14, 2010
One whose logic, rationality and thought processes are so retarded by adherence to Progressive Policies and Emotionalism that their judgment is clouded by a complete break from reality.
Nancy Pelosi is such a libtard she has no idea what is going on outside her district.
by T_Bagg October 17, 2010
A liberal who thins that the Tax Day Tea Parties were centrally coordinated.
Nancy Pelosi is a libtard for thinking the protests were astroturfed.
by rudytbone April 20, 2009

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