the scary old lady in the library that yells at you for moving a computer screen a lil bit. she probably has a penis.
Oh no i dont think so young man! You are going to move this computer back around, and you're out of here. You are making the library inneficient, and you cant talk because work is to be done individually! Wanna give me a blowjob?

That woman's a library bitch!
by the librarian hater February 12, 2007
Top Definition
a personal assistant that does all the leg work for you in finding books, articles, and journals needed for a paper. May go to the worlds end to find a reference that may only be in print at one library or not even exist at all. Includes but not limited to making copies, ordering documents, and emailing documents directly to you; therefore saving you a ton of time. This is usually done without any monitery compensation.
Jimmy: "It's taking me forever to find sources for my paper"

Steve: "Yo, you need to get yourself a library bitch"


Jane: "How did you find all those references for your paper so fast?! It's taking me F%#*! forever!"

Sam: "My library bitch did it all for all I need is someone to write my 25 page paper"
by krazy8s109 July 14, 2009
that ugly fuck in the school library that has a constant need to yell at people for stupid crap. like sitting at a computer when you didnt sign up for it, or having too many kids at one table, or walking out.

she gets no respect at all and was probably teased when she was in high school.

kids throw things at her.
library bitch: "you can't have six kids at this table. where did you get those extra chairs?"
kid: ignores her because she doesn't matter
library bitch: "i will write you up unless you put those chairs back where they belong."
kid: "bitch."
by yeoooooo October 07, 2008
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