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Also called Progressives, Liberals are college students and young adults who express their new-found freedom through rebellious ideology. Liberals oppose war for fear that they may have to defend their country and its freedom, peace, and prosperity. In the 1970's, they believed that the world was going into another Ice Age, but now support the idea that humanity has covered the entire planet with enough greenhouse gases to cause global warming. George W. Bush, who was freedom-oriented and loved and strove to preserve America, is considered a tyrant to Liberals for his courage to make the correct but unpopular choice. Homosexuality is considered acceptable as long as it is called "celebrating diversity" and is accompanied by a rainbow to ensure that there is no dignity.
No one likes Hillary Clinton; she is a liberal.
Liberal (American)
-I had to include that so I could post this.
by SirLolsdaleOfPwnshire January 28, 2012
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