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Also known as the younger brother of the Toke, The LiL-Toke is best defined as an act in which the participating parties inhale a modicum sum of mother nature's finest (ideally with the use of appropriate paraphernalia), it is unwise to be misled by any insinuation of "small" quantities however, as this is nothing more than a tactic of self deceit in which the participants are led to believe that by consuming smaller quantities at the time of each toke, they are indeed consuming a less quantity overall. However it is not unheard that partaking in this almost ritualistic congregation can and most likely will lead to a "Series of LiL-Tokes" proving the overall consumption of Ganja to be on an all time "High".
Example 1

Participant A: "Pack me a little pipe, the traffic on my way to work is going to be a bitch"
Participant B: "Time for a LiL-Tooooooke"

Example 2

Participant A: "I've got Monday off"
Participant B: "What we should do right, is throughout the day have a series of Lil-Tokes while we play Tekken."
by Captn' Khronik December 08, 2009

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