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1. The feeling a girl gets after she has been screwed better than ever before.

2. DJ Lexxxtacy who is the best DJ to ever grace ISB and the world.
1. Girl 1: Did u have fun at the party last nite?
Girl 2: Hells yea i did!!! I hooked up wid Aleks
Girl 1: And... How was it?!
Girl 2: It was Lexxxtacy!!

2. Randomn dude 1: Ey Bro u goin 2 the party at school tonite?
Randomn dude 2: Nah man those parties are always suck massive ass.
Randomn dude 1: But dude i herd DJ Lexxxtacy's gonna be there!!
Randomn dude 2: O F'shizz?! Dam rite we goin then!!
by Serbian Rambo October 15, 2007

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