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An Awesome guy who is usually very wierd. Can be funny sometimes, and is decent looking. Modest and Smart, but acts very stupid. Doesnt care for much and has a distinct liking to gray sweaters.
Guy : "Dude, is that Lexter?"

Dude: "I think so, he always wears that gray sweater!"

Guy: "Hes such a wierdo"
by THISxGuy March 09, 2010
10 3

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Lame Texters. When you text someone something long, or when you try to have a conversation, and only get short responses back.
Such as "sure", "yep", "ohkay", and "cool"
It is sometimes a way of saying "Leave me the fuck alone."
GUY: hey how was your day?
GIRL: alright.
GUY: did you do anything fun? exciting?
GIRL: yep.
GUY: youre a total lexter, goodbye.
by JohnFraggim April 29, 2009
9 2