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A governmental imposed tax, a draft, or the funding for a war.
In a Bill Clinton adminastration, the levy was low enough for the middle class and high enough for the rich that everyone was happy, until Bill Clinton nailed his secretary.
by Leviathon67201 October 14, 2012
7 7
Levy is a term for a very cool person. It's origin is from Daniel Levy, a Canadian kid who is the definition of coolness.
Bo: Wow Howie! You are just so Levy!
Howie: I have the characteristics of the coolest kid in the world?! WOW THANKS BO!
by CanaDan July 26, 2004
62 69
An oh so hungry Jewish boy. Enjoys masturbating on chat roulette. Makes boys named Anthony get hard when he licks his ice cream. Awkward around women unless they are also Jewish. Enjoys long walks on the beach and sticking pretzels up his ass. By condoms often even though he may never get laid.
I was totally in with that girl until i pulled a Levy.
I was about to pull a Levy but i ran out of pretzels.
I was on chat roulette when one guy pulled a Levy i couldn't jerk off for a week.
by NumbFinger April 21, 2010
13 23
Nickname for entrepreneur that is the founder of former computer hacking and think tank group called "The Centre" in 1998. The Centre evolved into Datawhore Networks now present day Datawhore Studios. It started out in Florida now is widespread in different pockets of the country. Datawhore Studio primarily focuses on video production.

Levy created Datawhore Studios to be an online community that connects users working in video creation, developing flash and animation works, online gaming, advertising and promoting, charity events, music production, working with local bands, and organizing events.
Levy just sold Datawhore to the government.
by Helen Slater May 08, 2007
14 24
to extract the lowest possible price, ruthlessly, from a transaction, usually by exploiting the weakness and vulnerability of others.
Seeing how nervous that salesman was, I levyed the best price for my new phone.
by inactivater September 02, 2010
5 17
Some /\/199312 awho likes the fat pusé
That nigga Levy likes fat pusé.
by Dont ask stupid questions February 07, 2005
19 52