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A principle that states "The diameter of a woman's hoop earrings is directly proportional to her level of promiscuity."

The Levy Corollary is a filter used by men when trying to identify potential sexual partners at a bar or club for single-night session of sexual intercourse.

Although the Levy Corollary can easily be used in a derogatory way (by women, their husbands/boyfriends who are within earshot, etc.), it should not. Attire conforming to the Levy Corollary is useful for both males and females, as it signals a conscious intent to find sexual activity. This helps to negate the chance of miscommunication or wasted effort on the behalf of both parties.
Based upon the Levy Corollary, I knew that chick with hoops the size of a CD was ready to go!
by LevyCorollary December 15, 2009
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