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a term often associated with homosexuals for when they "relieve" themselves after anal sex with another man
Joe: Man my butt is sore
Michael: You should leviate yourself
Joe: I don't know what that means
Michael: I'll tat it on your arm
Joe: Word
by Scott Fartkiss May 29, 2010
A tattoo of a word, that isn't actually a real word.
Joe: Dude I just got a leviate on my arm.
Me: How did that happen?
Joe: Before I got it, I didn't bother to look it up in the Webster's Dictionary to see if it was a real word.
Me: Your such a knob gobbler
by CSP Bank April 12, 2010
a gay guy who gets pointless tats
joe has a stupid tat that says leviate. and hes gay
by ChandlerPolice December 20, 2010
to rise above, conquer
I will leviate to the challenge and prove everyone wrong.
by John Jangle April 10, 2010