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Named for the founder of the Sarasota Storm Triathlon Club (SSTC) John Letourneau to describe the feeling of anxiety, uneasiness and/or concern an athlete gets after they have been convinced to sign up for a triathlon or other athletic event they had little to no intention of doing.

Generally this condition arises after numerous alcoholic beverages are consumed amongst fellow triathltes and stories are told of how great it is to participate in these races. For some unknown reason (maybe the alcohol?), you find yourself registering for races you never thought you were capable of finishing!
Athlete # 1 to Athlete #2: "Dude, you look awful, what's going on?"

#2 to #1: "I've been Letourneau'd. I can't believe I just signed up for Ironman Florida and somehow thought it was a good idea. What the hell was I thinking?"
by sharkstriguy December 29, 2010

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