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An involutary reflex during breast feeding which causes the milk to flow freely at any given time. Can be triggered by any number of situations, two examples are, thoughts about a child or hearing a child cry.
After birth, while pouding a Big-Mac and fry, Gina experienced let down (this woman eats copious amounts of fast-food). she then proceeded to tell all of Utah about the experienced let-down.
by Noah Spliff February 11, 2006
9 9
A very bad decision by a certain person that makes others very disappionted
Gerard stated we could come to his house on friday, then made a BS, let down choice and dident let us.
by johnnybsttta February 23, 2008
84 17
When a girl you love decides to leave you dangling on a string over a tank of acid. She promises to love you, then suspends you forever, leaving you to question your sanity while she runs off with someone else. She could help you up, but she would rather keep plucking the string and watch you writhe as you scream in misery.

Why people do this? Because they are all sadists, and they only love to see you suffer, and by the way, your dream doesnt exist. You feel forever empty. You will be Two-face forever.
She was are real Let down. I loved her truly, but she prefered the company of a trailer-trash moron with missing teeth. I write this in tribute to every man who spent years building confidence, only to have it shattered by infectious human waste. You are not forgotten.
by A complete unknown July 02, 2009
59 18
Finding one's self dissapointed with the physical appearance of another after waking up next to them following a night of heavy alcohol comsumption.
I woke up next to Coach's wife and found myself completely let down because of her shitty face.
by Zach Fairfield November 01, 2003
62 26
the most beautiful song in the world.
it had to be radiohead (:
by fakehappykid December 09, 2004
93 75
The New England Patriots 2007 NFL season.
The Pats just got their ass handed to them by the Giant inside the last two minutes. That's a letdown if I've ever heard one.
by skipatrol8 February 03, 2008
15 4
The act of letting your friends down at the last minute for an activity or event.
We had everything booked for the trip, everyone else is coming but Aisling's a letdown
by Riggybotten March 12, 2009
16 7
A very good song by Radiohead, of the OK Computer CD.
Thom Yorke is awesome !
by Hottie March 22, 2004
65 58