In days of long ago the land Greece was plagued by a rampant gay force Lescard that plagued on innocent young heterosexual boys and turned them into Gay children. Mothers and fathers watched in horror as their young male Offspring Rocked white wave caps (Split in the middle), talked openly about Sucking Male Penii and Fucked other dudes in the ass out of spite. The Dominant Gay force known as lescard swept not only the continenet of Greece and rome but the entire globe, thus being the MAIN CAUSE of all Homo-sexuality in this world. However all hope is not lost apparently the gay spores haven't attatched to THE ENTIRE male population as the gay lord had wished, many with Strong Flaming Hetero-sexual Views (Sekani,Fez,Chuck,Moe etc..) can be found within the current time period, battling the gay that IS LESCARD.(Part 1)
All the Above Testimonies should serve as example enough to the Gayness that is the Gaylord Lescard
by Elber December 01, 2003
Top Definition
Hmmmmmm. Let me think. Ahhhhh Yeshhhhhh. Some gay fatherfucker who attends my college. Looks like a dic actually. By the Way "Lescard" is simply gay. Why hide behind the mountain and all those other chicks around. They must have dicks. They must be 10 times long cuz lescard is ten times strong. Any lescard free yourself. Its normal to be gay, but just hang around with dunita and buy hims some bears so he could wake up with some whiskered balles on his chin.
Lescard: Hey i fucked your bother last night.
Dunita: (crying)Why not me! Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Lescard: Sorry Darling!
(From nowhere Surgent Capp Arrives with Gaygon comandos)
Sergent Capp: Alright troupes, round up your siver dildo bullets and the ten times strong mix of gaygon. we got some Lescars Around the town.
Bun Em Down"
Lescard: I'm Immune to that shit. I use it all the time. I'm Gay and Proud.
Sergent Capp:Call Mr. Hussein Mo. he got the stronger links.
by lenny kravitzimo December 01, 2003
Masculine form of the Greek family name Lescretius. In Greek legend Lescard was a gay pesant who violently raped the son of the King of Greece and who was regularly found sucking off Noblemen and Priests in greece. This caused a great uproar among the Greek citizens who called upon the straight gods to banish him to the moon. There is a mountain on the greek island of Meteora named Mount Gaycardius aka Mount Gay named in homeage of the great cocksucker.
I know that person he's a lescard! he fucks rich dudes for money!
by Uri Gellarger November 29, 2003
Gay dude who's face looks like a Skin-backed dick.
Lescard really looks like himself.
by Ten Times Strong November 26, 2003
A man that is so overtly gay that every one easily notices except the man himself
That guy is such a fucking lescard
by Bob Boberson November 20, 2003
This is an individual who is the personification of gayness, his gayness is legendary, it is rumored that even the ancient Greeks were aware of his extraordinary gayness so they banished him to the moon where he was forced to live with his greatest fear, naked horny women for eternity.
That girl just threw herself on that guy, then he pushed her off and pulled out a cross made out of two dildos and said "I rebuke thee", that guy is the biggest lescard ever.
by Rub a Dub Dub November 28, 2003
oh my, tha last one kill it DEAD.
and Peter jackson needto come again..ROOKIE MOVE. HAHAHAH
(None right now)
by Rookie_Killer November 29, 2003
A specail ingredient used to make Man Sauce or Dick chowder.
hey timmy! down to the store and get somemore lescard for the man gravy!
by Traci Sletchovsky November 29, 2003
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