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Leppy Lep is the official term for a non-adult leprechaun. A baby leprechaun is typically a small elf like creature that flits about in merry ways. In the habit of visiting small gardens, and hiding pots of gold underneath rainbows. While it is popular belief that leprechauns do this, it is actually only the children who partake in such mischief.

Once the leprechaun reaches adulthood they tend to change forms into household animals. The most common form they like to appear as is a yellow lab. Once attaining their household form they can more easily integrate with human households, and this has allowed their species to thrive while other mythical animals have come close to extinction.

They also like to be doing blue.
Daisy was once a Leppy Lep, but now she's a full grown Leprechaun. That's why she looks like a yellow lab.
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