The most excellent, bestest part of Nottingham.
Ooh. Lenton?I'd love to live in that happening borough. All the best people live there.
by moschops April 01, 2003
someone who tries to get free drinks off of you, usually by using their sexuality
she is definitely a Lenton, dont get her a drink
by Sam Stevens May 15, 2003
person normally out for scousing a glass of white-wine, which is normally rewarded with a pull.
other indications:
passes out quickly
thus gets around
cannot dance
addicted to tv
"i have no money,lets do a lenton and pretend we're easy."
"damn i'm pissed like a lenton already but i've only pulled 2 people tonight."
by h May 23, 2003
Ropey undesirable area of nottingham, people live there when Radford is full.
Don't go near him, he's a right lentonite
by Tammy VIP April 01, 2003

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