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The most excellent, bestest part of Nottingham.
Ooh. Lenton?I'd love to live in that happening borough. All the best people live there.
by moschops April 01, 2003
13 6
someone who tries to get free drinks off of you, usually by using their sexuality
she is definitely a Lenton, dont get her a drink
by Sam Stevens May 15, 2003
2 3
person normally out for scousing a glass of white-wine, which is normally rewarded with a pull.
other indications:
passes out quickly
thus gets around
cannot dance
addicted to tv
"i have no money,lets do a lenton and pretend we're easy."
"damn i'm pissed like a lenton already but i've only pulled 2 people tonight."
by h May 23, 2003
2 4
Ropey undesirable area of nottingham, people live there when Radford is full.
Don't go near him, he's a right lentonite
by Tammy VIP April 01, 2003
6 8