1. To bitch about absolutely everything, no matter how small.
2. To believe that you are absolutely correct on a subject no matter which persons or facts contradict you.
3. One who has a compulsive fixation on internet pyramid schemes.
4. To be unemployed for 5 or more years since graduation from high school.
5. One who has a compulsive fixation on drinking alcohol and nothing else, worthy of being on a TV show such as Intervention.
6. One who thinks their shit contains no smell, and that everyone else is beneath them.
7. To have a completely negative, self-defeating outlook on life.
8. Act of defeating every reality-based opportunity that presents itself.
9. One who is very immature.
1. You are such a lendog. All you do all day is drink beer and complain about the internet pyramid schemes ripping you off.

2. A Lendog: "Everybody sucks! Nobody does nothing. Ill show you, by the time Im done partying with my dudes Ill be a millionaire and you will be nothing."

3. Doug: "Lets go to the beach!" A Lendog: "The beach sucks, the sand is too sandy."

4. A Lendog: "Aaaaahhhhh that dudes a piece of shit cause I can drink 3 cases of beer in 4 hours and he cant"
by Hoyt of Garbagetown January 18, 2008
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