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"hay anyone know were u dl stuff lik dis?"
by i am awesomely pwn August 26, 2007
A person who used to have the name Lennie, but it got shortened for reasons she'll never know. Shows characteristics of enjoying rolling in the snow, eating too much sugar for her being, and being an all around adolf lover. As well as having an unusual fear of midgets, but alas she will always love her flemitz.
The other day, as I was sledding in the snow, Len and her being rammed right into me.
by Flemmy (not the Floozy) February 21, 2007
v. To defecate. To have a bowl movement.

n. crap, shit, or other terms describing defecation.
Wow! I got to go take a huge len. I just got the len kicked out of me.
by shirley September 09, 2003
The Hottest damn vocaloid on the planet,
He belongs to KaylaSakurai on youtube, and they love each other very much.

He appears in PV's such as Sadistic Vampire, Bloody my Doll, etc.

He is looked at as a shota.
But is very sexy. ;D
Len Kagamine loves Kayla Sakurai.
by Kayla Sakurai June 30, 2010

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