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The act of pissing in a girl's mouth when you actually think you are ejaculating
Yo don, that girl give you some head last night?

Yeah, she came for the milk, but got the lemonade stand instead.
by Donny KFed September 29, 2008
Sexual act in which a guy receives a blowjob while standing in front of a woman who is seated on the toilet and urinating. Under more austere conditions, the woman may give a blowjob while squatting to urinate.
"...dude, I totally ran a lemonade stand on that chick."
by "em eye" November 15, 2008
The sexual act of a man urinating into his partners anus.
example 1.
"Hey bro I took that hot girl home last last night and gave her a lemonade stand"

example 2.
Guy 1. " Hey bro check out that hot chick"
Guy 2. " Damn.... I'd pee in her butt!"
Guy 1. " Yeah! Give her the Lemonade stand!!!"
by Dustlovin' May 10, 2008
2. When a man is standing up and receiving oral pleasure from a bitch he does not like--or maybe he likes, but is cool with it--and he simply pulls his penis out and begins peeing all over her head. Following the act he must ask the woman for 25 cents.
"Hey Diane did you go swimming?"
"No dude i totally jusyt gave that bitch a lemonade stand!"
"Laughter by all."
by The Ish April 22, 2005
A male or woman who claims others to be thirsty but continue to wear revealing clothing that can represent them as easy.
She called me thirsty but that Lemonade Stand look like she was open for business...false advertisement.
by 13Nation December 22, 2014
The act of pissing inside a girl's asshole after a period of intense anal. After the colon is full of urine ice is put inside. Then the man or woman (lesbians) take a straw and proceed to drink the urine from the woman anus. Thus, you have the Lemonade Stand. Of course it would be advised that the person drinking the urine is standing, only because the technique is called the Lemonade Stand.
"Listen bitch, I'm gonna have me some lemonade tonight from yo stand... ya dig?"

"Like omg, johnny johnson did the lemonade stand on me last night, and today i shat nothing but pulp."
by Johnny Johnnson August 18, 2011
Pissing in a girl's vagina then drinking it out. Giving her a nickel afterwords is optional.
Yo, dawg, that ho from tha club let me open up a Lemonade Stand last night!
by Rico Tha Illest July 22, 2010
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