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A Leijj. Well if this name doesn't speak for itself, it basically means someone who is amazing in every way, but is also a complete weirdo. Usually this person is out of the loop till the very last second. She rarely lies, is reliable, and a good friend for the most part. Unlike most of you all, she isn't normal. No, she is kind of a freak of nature, but then again, that's why everyone loves her so much. She finds a way to make every situation exciting yet strange.
Guy 1: I've finally found a Leijj.
Guy 2: oooh lucky!!! there hilarious!!

Guy 1: You can't pull a Leijj.
Guy 2: OH YEA?!?! WATCH ME!
*licks a random hobo's face*
Guy 1: oh...
by meshpot June 05, 2011
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