A girl with an amazing smile, and the cutest hair i've ever seen. She's extreemly young, 'round about 12 years old, but she's probably still a goddess in bed. She gets confused easily and never understands long words...

It's also the act of placing ones testicals in/on someone's ear... just sayin'...
"Woah, Leia wouldn't be singleton for long if it was up to me!"
by I think she likes Oli Sykes. September 26, 2011
usually blonde with big blue beautiful eyes. an amazing friend and very sympthatic. good listener and gives good advice. you can usually trust them with anything. very sweet girl who is faithful but not innocent. cares very much about the person they love but just doesn't know how to show it. Not a whore but somehow tends to be amazing in bed. really knows how to seduce a guy and turn them on. beautiful face, cute, fun, and bubbly personality with a banging body. knows how to have fun.
Man, i really want to find a girl...i wish i had a Leia
by assdfg May 13, 2011
The most amazing girl in the world. Any guy would be lucky to be with her. Too pretty for words to describe. Beautiful blonde hair and hypnotic blue eyes. Not only is she pretty but she's extremely intelligent and loves to read. She's super romantic and loves the little things in life. She looks innocent but she's really an undercover freak! The girl of every guy's dreams, the kinda girl that you see walking and you can't help but stare. The perfect girl, A true earth angel.
Woah! Who is that?
That's leia! She falls for nerdy 18 year olds.
Lucky bastards!
by the one true hobnockey April 02, 2012
A totally funny girl who is as innocent as granny apples pie. She has big eyes and perfectly straight teeth to be jealous of. She'll always be there to help you out and just be herself which make you love her even more. Very trustworthy, smart, God worthy and one of a kind. So happy to have her as my friend!
Hiya! I'm Leia! Yepperdee doo dah!
by Me (the one and only) January 16, 2013
A nice, sexy girl who loves to have fun, and is great in bed! She can be quite shy, so be nice to her.
She was great in bed, what was her name?
She must be a Leia
by seerily October 28, 2012
A tall white/ hispanic girl who is smart, attractive in a weird way that you can't explain, because she's one of the guys, but you also want to bang her... she usually loves one subject in school over all others and has beautiful hair always.
Her parents are most likely dumb and can't spell Leah, or are Star Wars nerds and named her after princess Leia. Everyone mispronounces her name as lee-uh and she hates that, never mispronounce her name if you want to be her friend or more! She's the perfect girl that can hang and be a guy, but has tits!:D
Hey Leia, sup bro what chu doin later? you wanna hang?(mind thoughts, Damn this girl is one sexy ass bro.)
by leiavill August 21, 2014
An asian that has boobies and hips that tend to attract weird african american men. She's also well known for her skills in Super Smash Bros. melee for the Nintendo Gamecube and her amazing personality
That Leia PWN'D those peeps in smash
by Teh N0rris January 21, 2008

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