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When your child stays up all night working on a massive lego project and in the morning he/she has symptoms similar to that of an alcohol induced hangover: Sleepy, irritated, irrational, nauseous, thirsty and hungry. Adults may experience mild to extreme symptoms when building or helping children build a Lego project that requires hours upon hours of building. This can be prevented by reading the Lego box carefully. If the Lego has a reccommended age of 16+ you are very likely to experience a Lego hangover upon completion of said project.
"What's wrong with you Henry? Why do you look like you've been hit by a bus overnight?"

"I stayed up late last night finishing up my 3000+ piece Lego Effiel Tower."

"Sounds like a classic Lego Hangover to me. get some sleep today and make sure to hydrate yourself."
by TheTexican July 17, 2014
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