Rape between one man and one woman who are not married or even acquainted; the only rape sanctioned by the Republican Party.
"Was it legitimate rape, or was it just like, hilarious prison rape or acceptable acquaintance rape?"
by JPGClog August 19, 2012
Top Definition
Legitimate Rape, as defined by the Republican Party, is rape in which upon penis having entry into the vagina, a mutated tiger shark with a laser beam attached to its head jumps out of the vulva and viciously attacks the male genitalia.
"If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut the whole thing down." - Todd Akin
by I3laze 1 August 25, 2012
Most women are running around hoping some neanderthal will force his will on them. The very few who don't really want it are the legitimate rape vicims. (Todd Akin, R-Mo)
A Republican representative has said that women don't become pregnant if they are the victim of legitimate rapewhile explaining his anti-abortion views on TV.

Todd Akin, a nominee for Senate in Missouri, also told the Jaco Report that it was rare for a woman to become pregnant after being raped because the 'female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down'.

The GOP senate hopeful was explaining his no-exception rule when it comes to abortion.
by OptimisticSoutherner August 20, 2012
A type of rape that is considered to be unlawful in a court of law. Not all "rapes" are unlawful, for instance between spouses, between adults who consented at the time of the sexual activity in question and later recanted, or between consenting adults who were mutually engaged in role-playing.
"If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.” -- Rep. Todd Akin
by Lovenhate August 23, 2012
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