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The real deal when it comes to taking a crap. Sometimes you feel like you have to take a crap but it's only a false alarm. This is a for real, legit, not fake shit.
Bob: Dude, I have to take a shit!

10 minutes later

Bob: Ahh I feel better

Dillan: It was a legit shit?

Bob: Yeah man, it wasn't a false alarm.
by B-Fergy May 27, 2009
The opposite of bullshit.
Bob: Bullshit, you did not eat that whale.
Bill: No man. Thats legitshit.
by TyWP1115 August 30, 2010
When shit gets legitimate. Often used when expressing how real or how "true story" something was.
George: You misunderestimated me, man.
The people: No we didn't, George...
George: NO! LegitSHIT!!!
by wonger18 January 21, 2012