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A person who thinks very highly of themselves, for no apparent reason. They tend to be arrogant and self obsessed, and will usually be found clinging in large groups of ''popular'' people, or the ''in-crowd''. They will copy other people on what they think is ''cool'', and do not have their own unique style in anything whatsoever. However, they tend not to have any true friends, and often use this portrayal of themselves to cover up their insecurity.
Beth: ''Ugh, look at her, swanning around like she owns the place.... Its horrible!"
Lucy: ''Don't worry, everybody knows she's a Legend Of Their Own Lunchtime - no one really likes her!"
#legend of their own lunchtime #popular #in-crowd #arrogant #copy #cling #insecure #cool
by Shushannaaaaa September 27, 2010
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