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A sub-division in Summerville, SC. A lot of people you know probably live here. Hell, like everyone lives here. It's fucking huge and it's like navigating a maze. Almost all the kids age 13 and up do pot, sell pot, and pretend they are part of a gang. There's the gated part, where all the rich people live (mostly northern transplants), and then the rest of the neighborhood. In Legend Oaks, you will find a varied assortment of families. There are parents who don't give a shit what their kids do, and therefore their kids are kinda crazy, and then there are the overprotective shitty parents...who's kids are still pretty crazy. Activities in Legend Oaks include:

-Walking around being sketchy

-Go to the pool and be sketchy
-Sneak into your friends house and jump out of their closet when they come home (no one locks doors here)
-Go to the construction sites and steal the workers basketball
-Get drunk and fuck up the golf course
-Smoke weed in the woods of the golf course and offer some to golfers as they snobbily drive past.

Yea it pretty much fuckin sucks.
Do not move to Legend Oaks. We don't want anymore shitheads.
by hostilekid July 10, 2011
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