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This term was originally deemed a nickname for Lebron James after he and his homo friends Chirs Bosh and Dwyane Wade fell madly in love with one another. The trio combined are know by their self proclaimed code name The BBB (Beach Butt Buddies). A person that is gay in nature, yet they are so blissful in nature they feel as if it is ok to be openly gay and join there male partners on a beach in Miami to celebrate the fact that they will not longer have to travel to see each other.
Wade: Hey Lebron I like ur huge black stick.
Bosh: Hey Lebron lets shower toghter.
Lebron: Hey I amLegay James am i not?
Wade: Good Lebron I love gay man, cuz i am one.
Bosh: Oh Lebron i cant wait to shower with you in the locker room.
Lebron: Yes i am Legay James after all, now i can be openly gay and we share our gay powers to make the NBA even more boring then it already is.
by KB24isKING August 17, 2010
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