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In each piece of writing, to prove a valid point of existance, and author may tend to leave a clue or group of clues to the answers the reader is looking/searching for.

It could be in a name's.
It may just be in a number reflection.
It could be in a phrase's or idea's, but in each peice of definition thiere is an example of a factor that would have and did happen in the stars, air, earth, fire, and waters of our present universe over the last 2 years time line to validate the statment of theory.

Like a puzzle if taken the time will enlighten the reader to proof positive that thier is a gift in life that people live to achieve. Some are given at birth. Others will ignore and take for granted and use what they have been given on money, matiralism and peronal self loathing gain.

Then just mabey thier is that one person that had knowlegde of things that most people look past or never see for themselves. Live is a precious gift that was created by a powerful magician with a set of dice and it rolls how it does. When A person # shows thier time is up and then thier is_______(space)!
If you read me, I Left Dat Clue for you Riddle amongst the fog that scatters the question of Chaotic recorces to define an answer.
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