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A wellknown Swedish bum, drugdealer, mackedonken-robber who has his origins back in Solna.
When not crashing in his brothers apartment he used to roam the streets either drunk or high. Usually both.

He made a great fortune by playing horses a few times, but as fast the money came in, the faster they disapeared in shady dealings.

Today, Leffe a.k.a Frank the Tank is nowhere to be found.

Alot of newspapers has tried to contact him, but with no luck.

An Actual reward was set for 5.000.000 SEK in 2004 to anyone that could find him, or bring one of his shoes to the local policedepartement, wich was easily recoginezed by the FRANK GOES PIMP gold-mark printed on the sole.

Frank also goes under a variety of nicknames, such as:

Frank the Tank
Frankie Fourfingers
That guy on the mug-shot is Frank!
Frank just stole my VISA!
Where is Frank?
Frank always plays on bw-account, it wasnt me!
by Fredrik Akeson December 20, 2004
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