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The act of vomitting while chugging cock.
Mike, your mom sure knows how to Leeman.
My pubes itch, let's Leeman!
If it wasn't for the Leeman party, I would have never known what love tastes like. Kinda burns.
by Logic Banana January 18, 2004
35 19

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A gigantic homosexual, he loves the cock.
That Clay Aiken is such a leeman.
by Leeman December 08, 2003
18 14
A tool.
You're such a leeman for joining the army.
by Tools r us November 07, 2003
11 8
The most wretched, foul kind of feces ever to come from one's ass. Usually found in urinals.
Oh my, I just leemaned my pants.
Son, you've got leeman on your face.
by January 16, 2004
10 8
a person male/female who is of the ugly species./ one who has been wacked by the ugly stick on several occasions,and or hit by the ugly bus, and not a school bus im talking coach baby also known as the ugly trolley./one who's parents should beat on a regular basis for being the ugly scum of the earth./ when one is nominated a leemen he/she holds the title for ugliest person known to mankind. lee
"wow this party sucks"

"yeah theres a bunch of leemen here yeah look at" "jojo" "he's pretty lee"

"yeah what a leemen"
by big papi and da brat August 22, 2006
0 5
Sexy beast who was in Macbeth in Color, school project film which is really funny. He also likes to toke it up and he's 4 feet tall. ;D
omfg leeman sex r hott asl???
by Hi2u October 05, 2003
3 13