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The act of vomitting while chugging cock.
Mike, your mom sure knows how to Leeman.
My pubes itch, let's Leeman!
If it wasn't for the Leeman party, I would have never known what love tastes like. Kinda burns.
by Logic Banana January 18, 2004
A gigantic homosexual, he loves the cock.
That Clay Aiken is such a leeman.
by Leeman December 08, 2003
The most wretched, foul kind of feces ever to come from one's ass. Usually found in urinals.
Oh my, I just leemaned my pants.
Son, you've got leeman on your face.
by January 16, 2004
A tool.
You're such a leeman for joining the army.
by Tools r us November 07, 2003
A dude hooks up with the gf of the douche that made fun of his name.
That guy totally Leemaned me after I demonstrated a middle school level of humor.
by buddhabeesting June 16, 2014
a person male/female who is of the ugly species./ one who has been wacked by the ugly stick on several occasions,and or hit by the ugly bus, and not a school bus im talking coach baby also known as the ugly trolley./one who's parents should beat on a regular basis for being the ugly scum of the earth./ when one is nominated a leemen he/she holds the title for ugliest person known to mankind. lee
"wow this party sucks"

"yeah theres a bunch of leemen here yeah look at" "jojo" "he's pretty lee"

"yeah what a leemen"
by big papi and da brat August 22, 2006
Sexy beast who was in Macbeth in Color, school project film which is really funny. He also likes to toke it up and he's 4 feet tall. ;D
omfg leeman sex r hott asl???
by Hi2u October 05, 2003
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