a clueless horny bastard who still thinks boy bands are awesome. Likes to perform wrestling maneuvers out of nowhere. Has an awkward appreciation for animals. Needs to have jokes explained for him. His wife will do his trash talking as well. Also means clumsy in the Hmong language.
That Leeda just did the Stone Cold Stunner on that dude in the Backstreet Boys section of Target.
by Stone Cold Thao November 27, 2010
Top Definition
This is a brunette girl who has long fair hair and likes to always joke and be loud but inside she is very timid and acts differently. She is a friendly beautiful girl who has quite a lot of friends and a few friends who are boys but she usually is with her girlfriends, she gives the best advise out and is there for everyone. Leeda always keeps her feelings to herself and is just generally a sweet kind girl.
"I told Leeda but I know she won't tell anyone"
"Woah look at Leeda!"
by strawberrylaces November 25, 2014
A typically blond-haired and blue-eyed girl, although they often color treat their hair. Funny, beautiful, and frighteningly smart. Rare.
Adam: Did you see how quickly she solved that math problem?
Jane: Why are you surprised? She's Leeda.
by someonewhoknowsbetter February 17, 2014
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