A Cleveland Steamer is where you take a crap on somebody. A Lebron Steamer is where you take a crap on Cleveland.
That was a huge Lebron Steamer that coward Lebron James took on us when he decided to go to Miami.
by Anigav Senip July 09, 2010
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Holding a press conference on ESPN to announce that you are signing with the Miami Heat and not the Cleavland Cavaliers. Figuratively defecating on the city of Cleavland.
Me: Can you believe that jerk LeBron James?
Cleavland Guy: He just gave us the LeBron Steamer.
by Ray Ray Jefferson July 09, 2010
A"LeBron Steamer" is taking a shit on an entire state or territory (kind of like a Cleveland Steamer, except that of the Cleveland variety is only on a single person's chest).
Did you see Chris Bosh? Yeah, he just performed a LeBron Steamer on all of Ontario.
by thatguy42 July 08, 2010

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