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...also known as Loserville Central
That college that people go to, but no one really knows where it is.
People only drink in their rooms on weeknights, and everywhere else on the weekends. Pubic safety "patrols" the streets, and by patrolling we mean only giving out parking tickets.
Known for it's music programs, the music students live in Blair, and only come out to look down on those who are not music majors.
Football team sucks, but they think they're the shit.
Hockey team sucks, and only consists of players who were born before 1983, most of who are super, super, super (you get the idea) seniors
Has shitty student bands, which is surprising because it is a music school.
Located next to a Wal-Mart...enough said.
Notable personalities include Sun-burnt Barbie, Horny Democrat, and Paterno's Reject.
A: Yeah I go to Lebanon Valley College.
B: Where's that?
A: Eh...don't worry about it.
B: Do you have any good bands?
A: We have bands that think they are "Two Meanings".
by DeadZone February 11, 2009
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A small college located in Bumblefuck, PA that is known for it's music programs and its Jesus lovers.
A tiny, 3-4 block campus, with a few houses, and students can't live off campus anymore.
Greek life is kinda pitiful, because they're not allowed to have houses either.
Few people outside of the Lebanon/Lancaster/Harrisburg area will recognize the name.
Also, somehow all the tour guides forget to mention the train that runs right behind half the dorms at all hours of the day and night.
"My high school was bigger than Lebanon Valley College"

Jay: "I'm going to Lebanon Valley in the fall"
Bob: "Ooh"
Jay: "You have no clue what/where that is, do you?"
Bob: "Nope, sorry"
by silenciobob April 21, 2009
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