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To leave a girl with a face like a painter's radio comes to us courtesy of The Podge and Rodge Show. It brings to mind the radio that a house painter and decorator might well have. The radio is splashed with drips and drops of paint. Which is very much like the face of a girl that you might meet on a Saturday night and bring home and spray your load on her face. Ah, let the good times roll. Wing Commander, let's head for Cafe en Seine! (a reknowned Dublin nightspot with wall to wall pussy)
Ah man, that girl I brought back last night... I left her with a face like a painter's radio. Just before I came I took it out and sprayed her face with a big salty load. I know, I'm a fucking horndog!

Lads, I'll tell ya what, I'd leave her with a face like a painter's radio if I was give half a chance.
by The Bazman May 30, 2007

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