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Leathaface is another nick name for Bone Thugs N Harmony member Krayzie Bone.

The Sawed Off Leathaface.
did you hear about the beef of the leathaface and bizzy bone?
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
37 2

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murda mo po-po
Anyone who "gots" to get away, way, way. Hence, he MUST run with the Murda Mo... Or does he??.......
Po-po Who Murdered Leathaface: That silly 'ol Leathaface, always gettin' pwned by teh shotgunz!!

Caucasian Bystanders: AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Leathaface, what a n00b!!! A dEd n00b!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
by TriValve June 15, 2003
3 39