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A name normally given to only the most gorgeous of girls. A generaly music and party lover. She is a very determined person and wont stop until she gets what she wants. She loves to laugh, and people who can make her laugh. Normally a person who has a great sense of style and knows what looks good.She is a great friend and loves the company of others; however she does not like to be rushed into things and likes to do things her way. Like many other girls 'leanne's like guys to make the move. She likes to feel protected and loves cuddles.
Look at that Leanne , shes lovely
by Sappy<3 February 01, 2009
from the turkish meaning, little princess. it is a name commonly used and is given only to the most precious of people!
leanne the little princess
by elemonkey July 06, 2006
Hardworking, devoted female. Gets things done promptly and on time. Very persuasive and influential, born leader, creative, intellectual, and strong. Does not take no as an answer, and fights for what she believes in. Very good communication skills, outgoing, social, and can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. Works very well with others, and implements a lot of new ideas and creativity into the workforce.
You're name must be Leanne the way you work!
by myleannevi2 April 27, 2011
people called leanne are usually models. they are soo popular and pretty and incredibly amazing. if you are called leanne, bravo. i can only wish for such things, myself.

they are fun loving and generally fun to be around. they are also amazingly clever and do not make spelling mistakes. I LOVE LEANNES! people suck up to them quite a bit, but they ignore them.
kezza: look it's leanne, lets suck up to her
sozza: yes lets <3 -lesbian stalker-
by plainjaneinit April 05, 2010
Leanne is a name for cool girls. They are usually fun, very confident and is type of person you can annoy and they will never get angry at you. Leanne likes to chill and listen to music and gets paid for being a broken record.
girl: she is such a leanne
boy: which one? the one signing in the middle of the street.
girl: yes!
by desirelove August 27, 2010
A sexy beast and a great friend...
LeAnne calls her self a sexy beast.
by FlubberNub February 24, 2013
A name given to a very beautiful girl that any guy would fall in love with. she does the cutest things that guys couldn't resist but smile and fall for her even more. She's a party girl, loves house music, literally dances in the closet and most especially in the shower! She loves to explore, have fun and go on adventures, the girl who's absolutely up for anything, livin life to the fullest! She's very humble, doesn't believe that she's really beautiful even though all of her friends call her pretty. She always thinks she's fat even tho it's obvious that she doesn't! a very hardworking girl, would not sleep till she finishes her school work! Guys would have a hard time to figure her out cause she's very unpredictable, She's into designing things, Clothes, furniture just about everything! A strong girl, already learned her lesson about love cause of stupid guys who broke her heart. A one-of-a-kind girl, someone you know you could introduce to your family and friends without getting a bad feedback. She's the perfect girl. Something that you should really wait for!
Whenever you're ready, Leanne.
by nhojpear February 17, 2014