The term "lean" is commonly used on gambling websites. When someone uses the term they can take credit for the win and discount the loss because it was just a lean (or a hunch).
IPP: "If I had to bet it, I would lean towards the over total runs 8 1/2 in the Pirates/Diamondbacks game"
by idiotspayforpicks April 18, 2012
To be high from weed
It is usually used when you are high AND drunk
Person #1: "That was a good shot of the Appleton and a nice blunt that went around"
Person #2: "I know, I'm so lean yo."
by RIL2 June 04, 2008
High / Stoned. Under the infulence of Mary Jane.
Tob: Oi bruv you are bare lean?
Ben: yeah man im totally epically lean right now
by baremountsaleanbrehrightnow October 14, 2008
To be extremely lethargic as an effect of smoking cannabis
That stuff was strong man, I was lean - I couldn't even open the door for the pizza delivery kid
by Wu Dark March 30, 2004
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