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A night spent watching movies directed by David Lean.
Turn that shit off the TV! I brought some DVD's over: Dr. Zhivago, Brief Encounter, and The Bridge on the River Kwai; a Lean night!
by Ry Land February 28, 2008
Sick ass night filled with partying, bitches,weed,loosies and crusin around till 4 am
Van : Yo son - wat killin 2nite?
Timmy: I don't know but we gon have a lean night!

by u n known March 02, 2008
1.a night filled with bitties,weed,syrup,robitussin, purple sprite, and crusing in yo wip till 4 am.
2. A night quoting Unforgivable
Mike: What we doing 2nite bro??
Jimmy: Yo son we doing out and having a lean night!!
by joeschwaldo March 02, 2008
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