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See: Masochist. That's really the only way to define it honestly.
I'm going to burn myself, pull out my fingernails, and then watch the Leafs. Oooh, how I love the delightful pain of being a Leaf Fan!!!
by LeafFan66 September 18, 2006
A clueless lemming who compares their favourite team, hockey's Toronto Maple Leafs to baseball's New York Yankees in terms of tradition and excellence. One major discrepancy however, is the fact the Yankees have won something in the past four decades.

The average Leaf fan is a middle-aged white person who keeps showing up ready to hand over their money year after year despite notoriously cheap ownership. Regardless, their annual optism about getting "The Cup" is a fascinating study in blind stupidity.
"We're awesome despite 38 years of championship-free hockey! Go Leafs Go!"
by Lazarus Ciccone December 22, 2004
A man's man, and best cs player I've seen in my life.
If you read this it means that leaffan pwnz0rz you.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
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