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A form of jumping jacks done under a tree, combining yard work and exercise. This was created by Ralph Drabble on September 30, 2011. They are hard to do because the leaves fall with every jump. The leaves are caught, then raked into a pile. As the final part of the exercise one monster jumping jack is taken and the leaves are jumped into and then played with. Leaf Jacks are a great way to get cardio and yard work at the same time. So if you're tired but want to relax, take a tip from Ralph - try Leaf Jacks!
Ralph: Oh no, time for some Leaf Jacks! This yard is gonna get covered in leaves. (he starts doing jumping jacks and counting) One.. Two.. Three.. Four..

Hec: Hey, what are you doing? Is that some sort of weird jumping jack?

Ralph: Yes, its a Leaf Jack. You catch the leaves while you're doing jumping jacks. Try it out!

Hec: (starts doing some Leaf Jacks) Yi.. Er.. San.. Si.. Wow! Nice one! Great for qigong.

Ralph: These are right. Great healing movies. (make a seeahh sound)

Beatrice: I saw that! You two guys better hustle. (she turns into Gunny Granny mode) Move it! MOVE IT! (she starts doing some Leaf Jacks) Wow, these work! A Gunny Granny could learn to love these.

Hec: Yup! Maybe they should be part of Marine Corps PT.

Ralph: Sweet! A Drabble's gotta do what a Drabble's gotta do. (he rakes the leaves up and they all jump into it, playing) Leaf Jacks rule!
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 12, 2011
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