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1) unclutch
2) inability to close or win
3) ability to disappear in the face of adversity
Inspired by LeBron James' uninspired play during the playoffs and in the 4th quarter.


"Hey Matt, will you stop LeBroning around and just get that girl's number already."

"Where did he go in the 4th quarter? -- Oh, he must have been LeBroning around."

"I couldn't cut it as a Navy Seal, I just LeBroned around too much."

"Jim Kelly knows all about LeBroning around."

In the huddle during Superbowl XXXIX:

McNabb: "Ok guys, the play is...uh..the ..plaaa.. isss.."
TO: "Donovan, my leg is still broken, quit LeBroning around."
by defshack June 12, 2011
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