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The original French Dip is a combination of the traditional Donkey Punch and Dirty Rodruigez. However as the French say, d'une torsion . . . with a twist. . .

As the man (or woman with a strap-on) is having anal intercourse with his partner (female or male), s/he lays into the unsuspecting recipient’s back of the head with one swift swipe with a baguette so his/her anal sphincter tightens making the orgasm all that more better (for all involved).

When the recipient of said baguette smack turns around, the “giver” of anal insertion slaps his/her phallus on his/her partner’s upper lip leaving a small fecal moustache-like stain similar to that of famed Frenchman/occupier of France, Adolph Hitler.
Hey Rachel, make sure you save an extra baguette for later, you've been telling me how much you've been craving a Le French Dip . . . it's delish . . . yum-o!!!
by Le Martini January 26, 2011
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