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Lazyfuck is reclined 24/7, its run by a 30yrs old, a pimp by night, retard by day.

To be a lazyfuck, go to lazyfuck.net (forums-hazing) its mandatory that you have at least one good story to prove to us, you are truly a Lazyfuck, then you'll be at home.
See forums at Lazyfuck.net
by Tropic September 28, 2004
~Where fully reclined is a state of mind ~
Bunch of reclining lazy fucks.

Hence the short example I'm to lazy.
by Tropic September 23, 2004
A lazy fuck is either someone who's too lazy to have a job


someone having sex, but too lazy to move.
Fundo is a lazy fuck. His girlfriend rides him every day, and he hasn't had a job in 10 years. That lucky bastard.
by authOOr October 16, 2006
The act of falling asleep while she's on top.
Don't get mad at me, it's your fault that I'm such a lazy fuck.
by Sawyertt December 05, 2010
The true forums of the gods..

Also: LF

a website located at www.lazyfuck.com, which has spawned a breed of "lazyfucks".
"Get off your ass and order me a pizza, Chris!"

"You can order your own pizza you LF!"
by Slip February 06, 2005