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A "Lazy Cart" is a Manual Wheelchair, or a Power Wheelchair, or a 3 or 4 wheel Electric Handicapped Scooter. There are certain Non-Disabled Persons (Non-PWDs) that are capable of walking and of average weight and they are too lazy to walk. These Non-Disabled Persons (Non-PWDs) will use the store "Lazy Cart" to ride around in the store to shop and/or to have fun goofing off in the "Lazy Cart" while being in the store or in the store parking lot or elsewhere like the public library and etc.
The Non-Disabled Person (Non-PWD) decided to kill time by goofing off while riding the store "Lazy Cart" which resulted in the Non-Disabled Person (Non-PWD) being told by store security guards to get off of the "lazy cart" and to walk out of the store.

Two Non-Disabled Persons (Non-PWDs) were using the store "Lazy Cart" to race in the store parking lot.
by Legit-PWD February 04, 2011
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