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Lay reports (LRs) chronicle one's full-closes in his PUA journey. They are used to share information with others on the same path by detailing how they went from point A to point Bed.
Lay report by Smoothgame: We left the party together, and had a long awkward quite walk back to her apt. We got there still didnt say a word and proceeded to her room. i layed down on the bed and she turned on the tv and went to the bathroom to take off her nice clothes. We had already been making out before so i wasnt worried about first move.

She came out, and immediatly i went in for the kiss. things got hot and heavy, i did the push pull a couple times, and did the 3 steps forward, 2 back with me putting my hands down her pants. I can tell right away with body language when i put a finger down the pants if im gonna get lucky.. well lest just say she was quite lubricious. Clothes came off she got on. then the scary question " you have a condom" she asked, Fuck! i forgot tonight. so i replied no. She said no problem and went to the closet and pulled out a huge hand full of like 15 and threw them at me! i know what a slut huh..i was a good deal intoxicated (steer clear of that now) and got a case of the whiskeys fuckkkkk so i went down on this girl for like half hour did all sorts of good tricks and dirty things, finnally got a rager and banged for about an hour. next morning had amazing morning sex, she dropped me off and boom..another successful night
by Dboy123 January 11, 2010