Lawrynowicz is usually the name of Polish Royalty. Known for there humor,Leadership,Sex Drive, Generosity and there tendency to think outside of the box. They are well rounded men and women, who you can trust with any task. They also like to support friends and family even if it meant there lives were put in risk. Most take passion in some sort of art or in Military. Lawrynowicz was also one of the only names that American Immigration officers didnt screw up during the immigration in the early 1900's.
Prince Vlad Lawrynowicz (Was assassinated by secret lover)
Rivat Lawrynowicz (polish warrior who killed 20 British and german commanders in the 1500's)
Sasha Lawrynowicz (Beautiful cannibal that would trap men in her cottage outside of warsaw, and torture them)
by skunx477 July 25, 2010

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